Our People

We’re a group of global, pioneering, innovative and passionate employees who believe in transparency and are motivated by providing top-tier technology and conscientious service to our clients.

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Our Values

As a global company, we aim to live our values through collaboration, partnership and results.

  • See the Big Picture

    See the Big Picture

    At Magnite, we step back to view not just the challenge in front of us, but the situation or system that surrounds it, striking a balance between context and speed to make our work more strategic and impactful.

  • Raise the Bar

    Raise the Bar

    Greatness isn’t about achieving perfection, it’s about doing better today than we did yesterday. Aspiring to beat our own expectations (as well as others’) is what keeps us growing as people, as professionals, and as a business.

  • Empower Others

    Empower Others

    We empower our clients with tools and expertise to buy or sell ads. We also look for opportunities to uplift one another because there’s nothing we can’t do better and faster as a team.

  • Own the Results

    Own the Results

    We give credit where credit is due, take responsibility for things that could have gone better, and put our egos aside to absorb constructive feedback.

Being able to work with amazing people and solve a wide variety of challenges has made my experience both enjoyable and absolutely invaluable. There’s plenty of opportunity here so I would highly encourage anyone to jump in and apply today!
I enjoy working with the smartest engineers in the ad tech industry, and building innovative solutions for our customers. The engineering culture of continuous learning and exploring new technologies makes everyday’s work challenging, but also exciting! I am proud of being one of many engineers supporting and advocating this engineering culture in Magnite.
Our office is primarily concerned with engineering activities for its ad tech platform and supporting services. It’s a flexible organization that provides the space to learn and grow without pressure. QA, engineers, and managers are supportive and strive for the whole department to win. Everyone is friendly and happy to have a chat about any topic when required.
Magnite has given me challenging problems to solve, tremendous opportunities for personal and professional growth, and brilliant coworkers, some of whom have become lifelong friends. There are plenty of challenges and opportunities left, but we have a great team ready for what’s next!